Instagram Opt-Out

Instagram made a HUGE policy change announcement. See the article on CNET.

The only way to “opt-out” of Instagram being able to sell your photos without your permission and without giving you any compensation is to DELETE your account. Do so before the January 16, 2013 deadline or they will retain the intellectual property rights to your photos FOREVER.

Given the outcry from Instagram users, I’m willing to bet the policy will be changed… but I’m not waiting around.

I will ONLY be sharing my photos, scrapbook pages, videos, etc. here on my blog. Google (the owner of Blogger/Blogspot) allows me to retain my rights to the material I post. When/If that changes, my blog will be deleted.

While I have you here… Let me share some of my photos I formerly shared on Instagram…

Pi Day T



Just a few of my favorites. Smile Top: Christopher Pi Day T-Shirt from 3.14.2012; Next: Spring Is Coming!; Next: Summer Flip-Flops!; Last: Queen of the Zoo! The Lioness at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan

I’ll be back with a few scrapbook pages from my December Daily 2012 project I am working on.

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