Another Week

IMG_1236One more week in the big awful ugly uncomfortable sling with the bulky pillow immobilizer thing. Ugh!

I am allowed to take it off for short periods of time with increasing length and frequency… in other words, I’m free to be rid of it at the end of the  in a week only using when needed. YAY!

My stitches came out. Now I have four reddish/purple little scars. Does that scar reducer treatment work? I think it’s called Mederma or something? Anyone?

I get to start physical therapy next week. I’ll call the PT place in the morning to make my appointment. I hope I’ll get the same guy I had before surgery. He was awesome. He really encouraged me to push further.

My oldest is traveling today with his Cross Country Team to a meet in another city almost two hours away. I’ve asked St. Christopher and my son’s Guardian Angel to keep him and the whole team safe. While I wait for a call declaring safe arrival, I’ll attempt to sweep the floor for the first time in a very long time.


Post Surgery Update

Realized today that I have not been back here to update since I had my surgery on 9/21/2011 for my rotator cuff repair. I have my two-week post-op appointment with my surgeon tomorrow morning, so I’ll bring you all more up to speed then.
A new health concern raised it’s ugly head while they were prepping me for surgery. I have not followed up yet. I will write more about this when I do. I will follow-up, I’m just not ready right now (financially, emotionally, or mentally).
Let’s just say paying for the doctor and hospital bills is weighing heavily on our minds and hearts right now.
This past weekend, as hubby and I were about to spend another ton of money on laundry detergent, dish washing liquid, dish washer detergent, and dish washer rinse aid we decided to check out all the cool “recipes” for making this stuff ourselves that I’ve been pinning on Pinterest.
So, on Saturday, we made a batch of The Duggar’s Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent.

Right now, ours is sitting in the big orange bucket we bought at Home Depot waiting to be poured into smaller containers and diluted.
So simple to make!
Next time we make it, it will be even less expensive because we will not need to buy a bucket or something to stir it with. We still have some enough of the Borax and the Super Washing Soda left to make another batch. Next batch we should only need to buy a single bar of the Fels Naptha soap. (less than $3.00 at Kroger)
My frugal husband found several recipes for dishwashing liquid also. So, we did a single batch of that (almost 1/2 gallon). Basically cost us nothing because we had bar soap (free from the hotels Patrick stays at during the workweek) and we had already purchased the Borax and Super Washing Soda, and we had lemon juice, and no-sugar added drink mix packets on hand. We added the homemade dishwashing liquid to the remains of the store bought stuff (which was almost 3/4 gone). If nothing else, it will certainly stretch the time between purchases.
One of the Wonder Twins is well on the way to potty trained knowing how to use the toilet by themselves. I’ll be happy if the other even shows an interest in following… if we could eliminate diapers from the budget ($60-$80/month) I might be able to pay off my doctor bills a bit quicker! The doctors will love to hear that!
Enough of my rambling for now… I’m going to go “shopping” for a new blog background and header for Autumn. So happy the weather is cooler, but not looking forward to winter.