Scrapping Again

Finally feeling well enough, physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. to scrap again. Not many people will admit to depression publicly, but I have it. I was being treated for it a while ago, ran out of meds, and went into denial about being better. I was better, for a while. Anyway, I am back on my medication and feeling much better. I saw my doctor today and we decided to try raising the dose for a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference or if we need to consider adding another drug.

All of that to say, I finally have an interest in scrapbooking again.

Journaling: I have always wanted to go to Cape Canaveral, Florida to see one of the space shuttles blast off. Unfortunately, my dream never got to come true. My children and I watched, mesmerized by the images on the television being broadcast by CNN on this day. The historic final countdown and lift-off of the United States Space Shuttle Program.

I used the following supplies in the above layout: Template: ZineStyle by Scrapping With Liz from The DigiFiles #17; Kit: TroubleMaker by Studio Flergs from The DigiFiles #1(linked to current store offering); Fonts: CK Windsong and Latin Modern Mono Prop


Honestly, I started the page above back in June. I added the journaling today. Sorry, no list of supplies – would be way to hard to attempt tracking down with my stash.

So I took it upon myself to finish up layouts I started months ago.


Again, no clue what supplies I used. Some journaling done in June, finished it up today. Another page completed!

Template: by MandaGirl; Kit: Lovestruck by Melissa Bennett from The DigiFiles #1; Fonts: MTF Jumpin’ Jack and MTF Stampin’ Rachel by Miss Tiina

I have two more layouts in my “unfinished layouts” folder. I’ll be taking a look at those soon to see if they can be salvaged and/or finished.