{digital} Project Life Supplies

I have decided to tackle Project Life for 2013. Huge commitment on my part. I have never finished a project like this before. In all honesty, I didn’t even finish December Daily. With that said, my Project Life might look different than your Project Life. That’s the point.

I have almost zero intention of doing my spreads weekly. Monthly might work better for me. We’ll see.

I’ve already started my January 1 – January 6 pages. Will show them off upon completion.

I thought for today, inspired by a conversation on Facebook, I would share the {digital} materials I plan to use and link them up for your shopping pleasure.


First and possibly most importantly – templates. I do not scrap without the use of templates. Why should I? Someone else has already done all the hard work for me!



Yes, there is some overlap in the designs of the templates. Especially between Becky Higgins’ and Amy Martin’s sets. Becky’s have rounded corners while Amy’s do not. Amy’s messy stitches are awesome!

The templates from Traci Reed shake things up a bit and provide some alternatives – especially since we have a large number of big events coming up this year. I felt these templates would allow me to document those large events as their own spread.

The freedom of {digital} Project Life means I can do whatever I want. I’m not locked into a page layout for the following week because of the template/s I used the week before the way I would if I were doing this with physical products.

I plan to add my 12x12 layouts into my album. I will likely use a combination of 12x12 pages and the template with 4 squares (each square is roughly 6x6).

To Cover or Not to Cover

What do I mean? I mean using {digital} products to achieve the look of the actual physical Project Life products. The page protectors/dividers, etc.

I have a few options available to me in my stash should I chose that look. I think I will be skipping it though.


Because I do not have a wide range of {digital} page protectors available to me. I do not want to limit myself early in the project by deciding to use page protectors. I might add them periodically if I feel they really bring something to look of that week’s spread.

Journaling Cards

Journaling cards almost feel mandatory for this project. I have picked up a number of kits that contain them and some random freebies I’ve found.

Yes, I will be using them.

I also have in my stash some which I specifically purchased.


These are in my Wish List!

Why? Because it will give me the ability to use any kit I want to make my own Journaling Cards!

Variety is the spice of life… right?

Title & Filler Cards

I have been collecting these items from various sources. I have the ones in the Clementine Full Kit by Becky Higgins (linked above). I will probably make some of my own also.


Not sure how much kit usage I will get during this project. I am not going to limit myself here. I will use whatever kit I feel fits the mood for the week I’m working on.

I have a few favorite kits and I am also a subscriber to the Digi Game from The Daily Digi – so my stash is always growing. I’m also very likely to use new releases from Michelle Godin Designs since I am a member of her Creative Team.

I think this covers it. If I think of anything else or add anything to my regular {digital} Project Life materials stash I’ll post about it.


Get out there and Make Memories!!


Document December 2012 Filler Pages

While I’ve been busy documenting how my family has spent this December – I’ve also been creating some “filler pages” for my album. They serve no real purpose, other than more pretties to look at.


Papers from
-Years Patterns & Solids by Rachel Young
-Peace, Kraft, & Joy by Micheline Martin & Studio Basic
-Very Merry Papers by Gina Miller
-angel & glitter "Believe" by Michelle Godin from Angelica
-doily from Pocket Stuffers No.2 by Valorie Wibbens
-staple & "Believe" flag from Kitschy Christmas by Jennifer Barrette & Sahlin Studio
-stitching from Sew Artsy the Stitches by Michelle Godin


All I can say for credits for the above page is everything (or at least almost everything) is from various designers, kits, and element packs available at TLP. I was bummed because the weather man predicted snow and we got nothin’. We were supposed to get more snow on 12/18-12/19 but again, just dusted and it melted as soon as the sun came up. This is MICHIGAN for Pete’s Sake!! We’re supposed to have snow for Christmas!!

So, for now…

I’m Dreaming

of a




Happy Birthday, Mary Ann!


Happy 10th Birthday, Mary Ann Elizabeth!

So, how about that apocalypse? The world may not have ended today, but my sweet daughter’s world ended… or so she would have you think! LOL Not really. I think I feel worse about postponing her birthday party than she does.

I had to postpone her birthday party scheduled for this evening. Her sister and her youngest brother are sick. Fevers, aches, the whole she-bang. I did not want to risk her friends getting sick.




Next Week.

I have a sore throat. Hoping my symptoms stop there.

I realize some might think my silence about the events in Newtown, CT last week might indicate that I don’t care… WRONG! However, I have been and will remain silent, because it has effected me deeply and I just do not know how to express it. Words just don’t work. My art skills are too limited right now. I am still processing this and the events in our area. For now, I’ll just keep praying.


Fever Twins

2012-12-20FeverTwinsMy two youngest children, affectionately referred to as “The Wonder Twins”, are at the moment “The Fever Twins”. She is 102.2°F and he is 102.8°F. Children’s ibuprofen and Children’s Tylenol have been our good friends for the past 48 hours or so. I hope their fevers break soon. Sissy is having a birthday party tomorrow.

2013 Project Life

I’ve decided to really make an effort to document our life during the year 2013. Pretty optimistic of me since according to some the world is coming to an end tomorrow. *snicker*

I also decided to go ahead and design a cover for our album.


I used the 2011 Project Scrap Cover template by Shabby Princess and the Everyday Life kit from The Digi Files (it’s the first free kit you get after being a subscriber for 4 months). I’ve had it for quite a long time and I’ve used it on numerous occasions.

For the time being I’ve decided to keep the cover simple. I will likely add small embellishments as the year progresses.

I plan to primarily use the Project Life templates by Becky Higgins (available at JessicaSprague.Com) for my pages. Any pages I do about 2013 will be in this album.

My goal at the end of 2013 is to get this printed into a photo book.


Document December 2012

Here are a few pages of my Holiday 2012 documentation so far…


The Cover.

Template Hip to Be Square No. 1 by Biograffiti
craft paper and red paper from
Peace, Craft & Joy by Studio Basic & Micheline Martin
black paper from
Dear Santa papers by Pink Reptile Designs
Under the Tree & December Doodads by Kate Hadfield
Font is 2Peas Menagerie

Silver Bells In The City

- Template Design A - Project Life Digital - Becky Higgins
- Background paper by Amy Jaz from
Twinkle Paper Pack
BlueBird card from December Bits II by Sabrina Dupre
- Journal cards made using:
Paper (Khaki) from
A Little Jingle: the Papers by Amber Clegg (DYD 2011)
and tape from
Kitschy Christmas by Jennifer Barrette and Sahlin Studio


Project Life Digital Template B by Becky Higgins
TLP Collab Grateful from ScrapStacks#1 November 2012
Fonts: DJB Live Your Story and Freebooter Script


Before this post gets so photo heavy that it takes days to load, I’ll stop here and post more layouts tomorrow.

Whatever bug my children had last week into this week is now launching a full attack on my system. As long as I don’t get the gastrointestinal symptoms a couple of the children had I’ll be ok. I can live with sinus and chest congestion.

We are looking forward to Friday! Friday is Mary Ann’s 10th Birthday. She has invited a half dozen of her little friends from school over for pizza, cupcakes, and manicures. I’m so excited my new friend, Emily, has offered to help with manicures! I’m certain there will be a lot of pictures taken. We are mostly ready for the party. I just need to arrange pizza, buy cupcakes, and get the house picked up. Supplies are ready. Goodie Bags are ready! Bring on the Tweens!


Instagram Opt-Out

Instagram made a HUGE policy change announcement. See the article on CNET.

The only way to “opt-out” of Instagram being able to sell your photos without your permission and without giving you any compensation is to DELETE your account. Do so before the January 16, 2013 deadline or they will retain the intellectual property rights to your photos FOREVER.

Given the outcry from Instagram users, I’m willing to bet the policy will be changed… but I’m not waiting around.

I will ONLY be sharing my photos, scrapbook pages, videos, etc. here on my blog. Google (the owner of Blogger/Blogspot) allows me to retain my rights to the material I post. When/If that changes, my blog will be deleted.

While I have you here… Let me share some of my photos I formerly shared on Instagram…

Pi Day T



Just a few of my favorites. Smile Top: Christopher Pi Day T-Shirt from 3.14.2012; Next: Spring Is Coming!; Next: Summer Flip-Flops!; Last: Queen of the Zoo! The Lioness at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Michigan

I’ll be back with a few scrapbook pages from my December Daily 2012 project I am working on.


December, really??!!

Busy, busy, busy around here… but it shouldn’t be a surprise. I have five children. I babysit another several evening a week when his parents’ schedules overlap.

Today – two sick boys home from school with fevers and headaches.

Tomorrow – two sick boys home from school because they are not yet fever-free for 24 hours.

Right now, I’m crossing my fingers my youngest daughter doesn’t join the ranks of the sick on the couch. She’s really moody and whining about every.little.thing.

I was attempting to do December Daily. It’s a memory keeping, life documenting project – not so daily around here. I’ve decided to attempt Project Life in 2013. I’m not going to limit myself to only the Project Life products – that would strangle my creative spirit. I’m not sure my pages will even look like they should go together.

I’m hoping to start using this blog again. We’ll see how that goes in the new year.