Happy Birthday, Mary Ann!


Happy 10th Birthday, Mary Ann Elizabeth!

So, how about that apocalypse? The world may not have ended today, but my sweet daughter’s world ended… or so she would have you think! LOL Not really. I think I feel worse about postponing her birthday party than she does.

I had to postpone her birthday party scheduled for this evening. Her sister and her youngest brother are sick. Fevers, aches, the whole she-bang. I did not want to risk her friends getting sick.




Next Week.

I have a sore throat. Hoping my symptoms stop there.

I realize some might think my silence about the events in Newtown, CT last week might indicate that I don’t care… WRONG! However, I have been and will remain silent, because it has effected me deeply and I just do not know how to express it. Words just don’t work. My art skills are too limited right now. I am still processing this and the events in our area. For now, I’ll just keep praying.

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