2010-11-01: Daybook

Day: Monday

Date: November 1, 2010

Right Now: almost 9 PM. Four of five children are in bed, with little fight or argument. Littlest guy isn’t feeling very well. I have a full tummy and am contemplating turning in a little earlier than usual.

The weather today was clear, sunny, and cold. Definitely needed mittens early this morning.

Today I feel optimistic, after all, it is a new month and anything is possible.

Today I am grateful for my oldest son’s love of cooking! He made a delicious Taco Cornbread Casserole for dinner tonight. Going to pay close attention to this section this month and make sure I am grateful/thankful for something every.single.day.

Inspirations: I will have to share this category another day…

I said a special prayer for my friends Marty & Sherry and their new forever family. Today was adoption day for them and their two children! I am also praying for the elections tomorrow – for a strong Pro-Life victory at the polls.

Prayer(s) answered: Father-In-Law will be coming home from hospital soon. He suffered a stroke a little over a week ago. Thankfully, not a major one.

Donations of the Heart (Random Acts of Kindness, Sharing, Caring, and Forgiveness): Another day of forgiving a person special to me that hurt me deeply. Every day, the pain gets lessened.

What I would like to see happen tomorrow (Goals, ideas, etc.): VOTE! I need to tackle Mt. Foldmore – I know I have a blue sofa under there somewhere. The laundry situation has taken over our home. I need to get it all under control.

This weekend was not nearly long enough. Shopping. Visiting Father-In-Law in hospital. Trick-Or-Treating. Baking cookies. Attended Mass as a whole family for the first time in a couple of weeks (colds, fluish stuff, etc.)

If I find time for myself, I would like to get some reading done and some scrapbooking. Several ideas for new scrapbook albums bouncing around in my head.

I am reading (when I can steal a moment or two) First Things First by Kurt & Brenda Warner with Jennifer Schuchmann on my Kindle app for iPhone.