New Apps

I am an iPhone user. In fact, I probably depend on it a little too much.

I buy apps a little too often. Probably spending too much money on them, sometimes. Mostly, I get free apps. Today was not one of those free app kind of days.

CoziFamilyOrganizer Patrick and I have been talking about finding and buying an app that we could all use to keep track of the family schedule. We found several and after careful consideration and investigation I chose the Cozi Family Organizer.

It has everything we need.

  1. - Color coded Calendar for handling our large family’s schedules.
  2. - Shopping Lists
  3. - To Do Lists
  4. - A Family Journal

Joining the site and using Cozi Online is *FREE*. The cost of the app is minimal and the app is ad-free! Just exploring the site, I’ve found several recipes that I would like to try. I’ve also got a ton of ideas for how we might use the Family Journal to make my digital scrapbooking faster & more enjoyable!

2010-10-15_1425I also picked up the new Nike + GPS app.

Hoping to start walking/running again. I loved the Nike+ that required the thing-a-ma-jig in your shoe, but I wasn’t running often enough to make those fiscally responsible. If I ran every.single.day. maybe, but I don’t. Life with two toddlers (1 year 51 weeks and 2.75 years) makes running daily almost impossible.

Since I loved the first one, I figured it would be safe for me to buy the new one with the GPS capability.

I spend a lot of time cleaning up after they have been too curious for their own good.

I expect the Toddler Twosome will be waking up from their naps soon. I should try to throw together something for the Cross Country Team Dinner tonight.