December Daily

If you are anyone who has been a member of the scrapbooking or digital scrapbooking community for very long, I’m certain you have heard of Ali Edwards and her December Daily project. Typically, you make an album ahead of time and work your way through it filling it one or two pages per day for the entire month.

Well, since my December is going to be so blooming busy because of the best most wonderful news we received yesterday… I’ll be keeping track of my Daily’s here on my blog and scrapping them when I have time or when I’m inspired to do so. My goal at this time is just to get the month documented.

December 2011 is going to be a life changing month for our family!

Almost smack middle in the month (on the 12th) we get to go to court to have the adoption of our little girl, “Katie”, finalized! She will officially be a member of our family with our name! We are so excited!

So today, I called our church to set the wheels in motion for her baptism. I overlooked one critical detail – Godparents. *sigh* Patrick and I will need to figure it out by the end of the week.

Our church hall is not available the weekend we are looking at. *sigh* again. I called another potential location for the party, waiting for them to call me back with availability and pricing.

I called our favorite local catering company. Waiting for a call back from them. Might need to use their hall if I don’t here back from the other place.


My favorite beverage for the month of December only to be enjoyed after I have consumed enough water. Hot cocoa with Coffee Mate Peppermint Mocha creamer (and a few mini marshmallows). Yummy!

I plan to enjoy this regularly through the month.

Isn’t that mug gorgeous. It was handmade by someone my husband met in his work travels. It is truly one of a kind. Each and every mug this couple makes, while similar, are absolutely unique. It’s just the perfect size – not too big and not too small!


To begin getting into the holiday spirit, I painted my nails and “Katie’s” with an old glittery polish I found while digging through my polish collection looking for my “winter colors.” “Katie” is so excited to have some sparkles on her nails!

Mary Ann will get her sparkles when she gets home from school.

We’ll be having leftover Lentil & Beef tacos for dinner tonight. So happy to be eating something other than chicken or cheese burgers!

The holiday shopping is mostly finished. That’s a first for the 1st of December. We’re usually scrambling right up until Christmas Eve. Now we just need to tackle Birthday Shopping – Nicholas will be six on the 10th. Mary Ann will be nine on the 21st. PHEW!

I’m absolutely certain this will the best December EVER!

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