December Daily: 6th

I took only one photo today. The sign outside the door of my orthopedic surgeon’s office as I was leaving for the *VERY LAST TIME*! I will be eleven weeks post-op tomorrow.

Exciting news, Dr. H. discharged me from his care and recommended no more physical therapy, continue exercises at home, gradually increase my lift and carry weight on my own. If it hurts, stop, rest, try again – if it still hurts, do not try again for a couple of days, etc. Common sense. Listen closely to my body. Start resuming the life I was leading *before* the accident.

Basically, I’m free to start living my life again.

Rotator cuff injury – mostly behind me.

Now to start the work of toning ALL of the muscles in my body. It’s amazing how soft and baggy everything gets when you’re parked for several months.

More great news – my cousin and her husband will be having their hearing to finalize their adoption of two siblings next week also!! So excited for Christa and her family, cannot wait to hug and kiss on my two newest cousins!

Need to take the bad with the good – we will be saying our final good-byes to our dear friend, Ken, on Friday morning.

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