December Daily: December 4th


Just one photo of the Advent Wreath at our church as we go into our second week of preparing for the Lord’s birth. We attended Mass at 8am as we usually do. After that, nothing about this day was ordinary.

We came home following the kids’ religious education classes and began preparing the Christmas Tree for decorating. We did not get very far before Patrick and I needed to get ready for a Christmas Party.

Patrick and I attended our first social event with the bicycling club we joined this past summer. We met a lot of great new people. I met some ladies that ride at a similar pace, so I will be trying to ride with them frequently when the Spring Cycling season starts.

Following the party, Patrick and I opted to head into the city to get some birthday shopping done for Nicholas. I cannot believe my “Middle Man” is turning 6 years old already! We are going to celebrate quietly at home on Saturday with grandparents, cake, and ice cream.

While we were shopping we got some horrible news. A very dear friend of the family passed away suddenly. His wife was at church, Patty is the sweetest grandmother-type lady you could ever meet. She and her husband, Ken, adopted our family about 8 years ago. Most of their children and grandchildren live out of state, so we became their kids and our kids became their grandchildren. We asked Gramma Pat where Grampa Ken was. “He’s under-the-weather.” “Oh, please tell him we missed him and we hope he feels better soon.” Patty arrived home to find Ken had died while she was at church.

We finished our shopping and rushed right over to their home.

“Who is going to harass me? Who is going to put their arm around me in church? What am I going to do now?,” Patty wondered aloud while we were hugging her tight. We offered to sit with her during Mass from now on so she wouldn’t be alone.

We’re all in shock.

My kids are struggling with this loss. If you are a praying person, please pray for the repose of Ken’s soul, ask for the necessary graces from our Lord for Patty and her family and for everyone Ken knew as they go through the difficult process of grieving. Thank you.

I am going to do my best to keep up with my December Daily… just a warning, for this week, it might be a bit low key and a lot of funeral, funeral home, and etc. talk. I promise, no morbid photos.

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