December Daily: 5th

I did not take a single picture today. No real opportunity to. I spent most of the day in the car driving from one errand to another. I was so focused on my goals and what I wanted to accomplish I wasn’t looking for a photo opp.

While “Katie” and Benjamin were at preschool I took a shower, got dressed, and planned out my errands. When they got home I fed them their lunch. PB&J… always.

We got in the van and off we went!

First stop, Gramma Patty’s house to drop off a big tray of brownies to help satisfy the sweet tooth of any of her house guests. I also needed to find out the funeral arrangements as soon as possible.

Next stop, cancelled. Plan change. Proceed with next errand.

Headed to my parents’ home. I needed to raid my mother’s closet. I did not have a stitch of clothing in my closest appropriate for a winter funeral. Borrow skirt from mom. Check.

Visit with Mom and Dad for a while because I can! Didn’t think to get the camera out.

Arrive home in time to get Mary Ann and Nicholas off of the bus, load them into the van, and on the road again. This time just a short local jaunt to the bowling alley to pick up Christopher at the end of bowling practice. Next week, possibly some photos from a bowling match – however, Christopher doesn’t bowl in competition until sometime in January. Maybe a creative shot of the shoe rental or ball racks? It’s good to plan ahead, right?

Arrive home.

Starving. Realize I have not eaten anything all day. YIKES!

Grilled Cheese for dinner. Not in the mood for anything more elaborate.

Homework time.

Get ready for bed.

Good night!

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