Project Life 2013 Week 2

Week 2 was January 7-January 13 for our family.

It started out quiet enough, but toward the end it got quite busy. Thursday, January 10 was the high school art show. Saturday, January 12 was Katie’s actual birthday and we had a party for her on Sunday, January 13.

I have already completed the special pages for the Art Show and the Birthday Party. Tomorrow I will work on the Week Summary page(s). I’m fairly certain it will only be a single page.



I decided to throw having “cohesiveness” out the window for Project Life. Our life isn’t simple… I want each page to be a reflection of that week, that day, of us… in all of our chaos, creativity, and confusion! (that last part just sounded good).

There will be journaling about the art show on the main page for the week – in fact, the main page will probably match the kit and elements I used on the art show page.

I will come back tomorrow and edit this post (when & if I get the chance) to post credits and link the pages to my TLP gallery.

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