Day Late & a Dollar Short


I was on a really good streak with the 31 Days of Challenges until yesterday. Now, I’m a day behind. I might be able to eek out today’s (day 9) challenge later, but right now – I just want to take a nap.

Day 8’s challenge assignment was to scrap a page without using a photo. I’ve done photoless before, so no problem… or so I thought. I just couldn’t find inspiration. So I started browsing through all of my layouts (all the way back to the first one in February 2006). In my browsing I discovered I hadn’t made a cover for my youngest son Benjamin’s album.

Problem solved.


Template: from Beechtree by Sara Gleason
TLP Collab Things That Matter Most
Font: DJB Play Misty For Me by Darcy Baldwin

Why am I so tired?

I did a bunch of errands today…

Bank #1


Bank #2

The roads were super icy, so it took longer than it should have to drive from home to the first stop. By the time I finished at the first place the roads were much improved.

Nothing out of the ordinary at Bank #1 or at the Library.

Bank #2 is where things started to get weird.

Weird? At the bank?

Yes. Weird.

While I was conducting my business with the teller, the manager got a telephone call. It was the alarm company. The bank’s “Hold-Up Alarm” had been tripped. Police were in route.

As I was pulling out the parking lot, the Shiawassee County Sheriff’s Deputy was pulling in. He looked at me critically as he pulled right up to the bank’s front door.

What a day! Now my neighbor is teasing me that while my kids are at preschool I run around robbing banks. HILARIOUS!

This should make for interesting entries for Project Life!

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