P365: 2011-01-02

Skype User, originally uploaded by imom-e.

This first week of 2011, for the most part, my photo focus will be spent introducing you to the members of my immediate family - those that I live with.

Today you get to meet my husband, Patrick. In this photo, he's using the Skype App on his iPhone to talk with his cousin Tom in Pennsylvania. They are the closest thing to best friends Patrick has! It has been great seeing the two of them grow closer these last couple of years thanks to technology.

Speaking of "FAMILY", that is the word I have selected (or better, it selected me) as my One Little Word for 2011. Our family is growing and changing. One child growing up and getting ready to leave the nest in a couple of years. One child, living with our family for almost three years now, will become a permanent member of our family legally this year. We’re so excited. I need to refocus my energies, anything that isn’t connected to my FAMILY needs to scaled way back this year.

I've participated in One Little Word for couple of years now. I hope to really spend more time with my word this year. But "FAMILY" is so important to me this year. The reasons above just scratch the surface. The rest, I will keep private for the time being.

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