P365: 2011-01-04 Big Fat Flakes

P365: 2011-01-04, originally uploaded by imom-e.

It snowed lightly over night. Not much and super light. This morning however, I looked out the window and see a sea of huge fat snow flakes. My iPhone did not do the snow justice. But, it is my primary camera for this project - guess I'll just get used to it.

I am taking similar photos with at least one of the other real cameras. Just not using those for blogging with. Uploading and sharing is more complicated. It's just so easy with the FlickR app for my iPhone!

For my digi-scrappy friends - PixelWorks has new goodies being released on Friday for The LilyPad's January BYOC. Let me just say girly fun stuff!! Product previews with links to the store coming on Friday.

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