Michaels Acquires ScrapHD

Article here: Michaels Acquires Digital Scrapbooking Technology ScrapHD application expands retailer's scrapbooking offerings with online component. – CNBC

Do you think this will help Digital Scrapbooking to become more main stream? more widely accepted?
I have still on occasion when acquaintances start talking about their love of scrapbooking as a hobby been met with the attitude that what I do is somehow less of an art/craft/hobby than what they do. Glue, scissors, and mess just aren't for me. My budget wouldn't allow for me to do my memory keeping in a more physical medium. I like making my layouts on the computer. I can share that layout digitally through email, on my blog, on facebook, etc. with anyone that chooses to look. I also have physcial options. I can print and frame a single layout, a series of layouts, etc. There are many companies that offer printing and binding services.

Will this drive the price of digital supplies up?
I don't know. It is one of the first questions that popped into my head when I saw the article. Many "paper companies" are coming out with digital lines and the prices so far have been far higher for their digital kits than those of an independent artist/designer.

Does this article raise any questions for you?

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