Holiday Organization

If you are like me, Christmas or the holiday season in general sneaks up behind you, beats you up, and steals your lunch money. For example, Christmas Eve arrives and you find yourself without stocking stuffers, so you drag yourself out to the nearest 24-Hour store you can that is still actually open and you pay way more than you should for stocking stuffers.

I found 100 Days To Christmas a couple of weeks before the official countdown began on September 16. I've also been following along with Organized Christmas and Christmas Planner. This is a desperate attempt to make Christmas less stressful and chaotic than previous years. I want to build good and happy memories with my 5 Little Monkeys. I would really rather they don't have memories of Mommy & Daddy stressed out, exhausted, and cranky.

Organized Christmas and Christmas Planner had us start about the same time the kids went back to school. The first week of September was chaotic. Seems the First Day of School sneaked up on me and tried to pin me to the mats. Thankfully, being the office & school supply hoarder that I am, my stash was able to handle the demands my school aged children put on it. Next year, we buy for the kids *and* the stash!

Last year, I tried to do Holidays In Hand class from Jessica Sprague's site. Can we say "Epic Fail"? Yep. I'm going to start planning my Christmas Memory Book now! I'm going to plan and schedule activities to build memories for us to share, that way, there's actually stuff to scrapbook about!

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