Health Care Woes

I seriously hate this time of year! I was actually enjoying it until my husband called today. His boss has revealed his new cost savings measures.

New health insurance.

Our current relationships with our current doctors are coming to an abrupt end. The new insurance will be going into effect on December 1. Nothing like giving us some time to find the doctors that we think will best suit our families. There were two options for family doctors near (if you call more than 10 miles/less than 30 miles away near) my home. The first (and closest) option does not accept patients under the age of 12 years. Seriously?!? So I called the other option. They will have no problem participating with our daughter’s Children’s Special Healthcare Services coverage on top of our primary insurance.

We also get new dental insurance. The nearest dentist is over 45 miles from our home. Looks like we’ll go another 10 years or so before we go to the dentist again.

We also get vision insurance. Let me just say, what a joke!!


On top of this, if my husband’s employer did NOT offer health coverage, we would be eligible for subsidized healthcare coverage. If we opt out of the “employer provided” coverage, we also “opt out” of subsidized coverage. This is freaking frustrating. The ACA (Affordable Care Act – aka ObamaCare) is making it impossible for families to have affordable options!

***end of rant***

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