Summer Has Begun

Summer officially began for the Ingram household at 12:15pm when the last day of school dismissed. The 5th graders did their Final Walk of the Hall to the tune of “Happy” by Pharrell (the fact I spell that name even remotely correctly surprises my daughter).

Interesting twist #1 for Summer 2014 occurred at 6:15pm this evening when my husband called. We’ve been looking for a camper – any camper that would sleep our family – for a while now. Hubs found one listed on a Facebook Yard Sale group yesterday. I went and bought it today! Happy Father’s Day!! LOL The thought of all the gear we’re going to need to even go camping in it has my head spinning. We got a really go deal. We’re looking at this as a “starter camper.” Most people get a starter home. LOL With 4 kids (at home) and 3 dogs I didn’t want to buy anything super new & expensive. I managed to back the silly thing into the driveway all by myself. Honestly, it took a little while. Our gate is fairly narrow and we have a dead vehicle parked in the driveway.

Friday we’re ditching our big name, big bill cable and internet provider for the local smaller more personal service cable and internet provider! Looking forward to it!

Friday is a big day… Christopher is coming home from school for the weekend. Ok, so he gets off the train at 10pm on Friday night and we have to get to the train station before 7am on Sunday morning – so he’s coming home to spend Saturday with the family. Looking forward to seeing him. he’s been away at school since the 13th of May. Then in July I’ll go get him and all of his stuff. He’ll be home for a 6 week stint before going back to school on September 2 (just like the rest of the kids).

Took the kids to the library today after school. The summer reading program starts on June 23 – must remember to go back and sign them up! Started each of the (at home) kids a “shelf” on my GoodReads account so we can track the books they read this summer. I’ll try to show/link the books (with my Amazon affiliate account) as we finish them.

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