Big Blank

I’m drawing a big blank for a title for this post. Maybe one will just magically make itself apparent as I write.

We’re dealing with some issues of bullying right now. I had certainly hoped at some point that my son would stop having these problems. It’s getting bad enough he doesn’t want to go to school. Christopher is so close to graduation (Class of 2013) that I do not want to risk him losing credits to finish his education at home. Since the bullying is happening at the bus stop, there is not much the school district can do. The problem is, no one has jurisdiction at the bus stop – with the exception of the county sheriffs’ deputies. I attempted approaching the parents of the bullies yesterday. Never again. I’ll just call the police.

Mary Ann has an eye doctor appointment today. Her prescription was past due when she broke her glasses a few weeks ago. Now that the tax return is back – it’s time to get everyone’s peepers checked out. So proud of my girl! She started the school year almost a full grade level behind in reading. Something finally clicked for her! She’s almost 2 full grade levels ahead now! Look out world, we have a voracious reader on our hands. I see a lot of bicycle trips to the library with her this summer.

Nicholas has graduated from speech therapy! He went from being almost completely non-verbal two years ago to speaking very clearly. His sound production is actually developmentally advanced now! So exciting!

Katharine will be having her third cleft palate reconstruction procedure next week. I’m nervous, but I know her surgeon is skilled and takes wonderful care of her. Her speech is progressing nicely. We’re hoping this procedure will help take her to the next level by reducing the nasal sounds.

Benjamin is 3 1/2 and still mostly non-verbal. He has a large vocabulary – just trying to get him to use it! He’s quiet by nature and just goes with the flow – so he seldom really has anything to say. He’s very active though!

I went through a major burst of scrapping for a couple of weeks. Things are settling down now as a settle into a routine for scrapping with and blogging about Michelle Godin’s new releases.

Speaking of new releases…




I have not had a chance to play with these just yet! Hoping to get in some scrapping time on Thursday or Friday. There’s a fantastic new release on Friday from Michelle – she’s teamed up with two other designers!

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