Saving Dinner

What do you know about that?!? While searching the internet looking for “freezer cooking meals”, “once a month cooking”, and “freezer assests”, I remembered purchasing the Saving Dinner Freezer Mega Menu-Mailer from SavingDinner.Com! This was before Leanne Ely changed how her site looked and worked. For those of my readers that are FlyBabies, they know exactly who Leanne Ely, Saving Dinner, and Menu-Mailers are!

I love that the versions of stuff I have spell out exactly what I will need to buy, how to prepare, and exactly how to cook and in what order. I need the guess work taken out of this process for me.

Printing out the pages of the Menu-Mailers that I need. Going to plan the menu and the shopping lists from there.

I did find some great printables for Menu Planning and Freezer Inventory at ListPlanIt.Com (affiliate link used – which means if you join, I make a small amount of $$)

Next up… actually writing out the menu plan and the shopping lists!

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Michelle Godin said...

eek. i can't imagine having to plan 2 weeks worth of meals for 7 people! i have a hard enough time doing it for 1 lol! i've been freezing meals for a few months now. i just could not keep up with all the cooking and baking that my stupid allergy diet requires. i do a week's worth at a time. i love it! it's the BEST! good luck with your menu planning!