Book Review: 100 Days to Christmas


I was provided a complimentary copy of the eBook 100 Days to Christmas by Jennifer Tankersley of ListPlanIt.Com for review purposes in exchange for my honest opinion and this blog post.

Let me preface my review by saying that I have followed Ms. Tankersley and her 100 Days to Christmas system since it began in 2008. I might be a bit biased, it is a system that works for me. In my past life, Christmas would be a chaotic frenzy of last minute shopping and wrapping gifts in the car on the way to various celebrations. Between the daily reminders from 100DaysToChristmas.Com and FlyLady Christmas Chaos is kept away.

The contents of the eBook will be very familiar to those that have utilized the 100 Days To Christmas forum in the past. Each page is another day, counting you from 100 days before down to the big day, Christmas Day.

Some of the days are “paperwork” days. Planning your budget, planning menus, etc. Other days are for shopping or other holiday activities.

I need the direction provided. I have three children with birthdays during the 100 Days before Christmas. Two of those children with birthdays in December (my middle child on the 10th of December and my oldest daughter on the 21st of December). Christmas is also immediately followed by a number of birthdays in our extended family and my youngest daughter’s birthday in mid-January.

I customize the plan a little by adding birthday preparation and planning activities. But with the help of 100 Days, it’s so easy to do!

Without the help of Ms. Tankersley and 100 Days to Christmas, I don’t know that I could pull it all off. Click HERE for a sample page.

I believe in the system so much, I became a ListPlanIt Affiliate (affiliate links are used in this post where possible). ListPlanIt has lists, charts, and printables for every possible need in life!

Come join 100 Days To Christmas on Facebook. Follow ListPlanIt on Twitter.

Your sanity during the holidays is worth $4.99, isn’t it??!! Don’t wait, pick this up now. The countdown officially begins on September 16!


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