ADVENT*ures Day 3

Today was mostly uneventful. Seriously.

Grocery Shopping.

More cookie baking.

Yesterday was a serious adventure in cookie baking and decorating. I think I have the royal icing thing figured out. Maybe.

Oldest daughter is at her Hip-Hop Dance Class. I seriously cannot wait until recital to see how far she has come.

Tomorrow, youngest daughter goes to see all of her specialists for her cleft palate. It’s an annual thing, I do not expect to get any serious information or that they’re planning another procedure for her any time soon. She works with a speech therapist at school twice per week and this seems to be enough for now.

Tomorrow evening, our local Home Depot is holding a special Kids’ Workshop. They’ll making a Christmas craft. Next week they will make a gift for Mom and the week after that is a gift for Dad.

Yesterday, youngest daughter took a link off of the Countdown Chain.


Tonight, the middle child & middle son took the link off.


We also managed to get Day 3 of all of our Advent Devotional materials done. YAY! I’m even current on my Bible study and don’t need to play catch-up yet!

As for making scrapbook pages about our December – that will probably start happening soon, but I’ll be ok if that project is waiting for me in January. Documenting our days here on my blog counts!

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