Remember the bike trip in May that I was all excited about? Did I tell you that I fell off of my bicycle? Did I forget to mention that I hurt my elbow and shoulder of my left arm?

Well, if I didn’t mention it before, consider it mentioned as of now.

Last week, my Primary Care Physician finally decided we needed a better look at what was going on in my arm. X-rays were not really telling us anything other than there was no fracture. Off for an MRI, I went.

Fast forward a couple of days… MRI revealed that my rotator cuff is partially torn. No wonder I’m still in pain and have drastically reduced range-of-motion!

Now, I have a referral to a Orthopedic Surgeon. First available appointment is July 19.

I wait.

Typing is a chore. Digital scrapbooking is a nightmare. I spend my time playing CityVille and FrontierVille on Facebook and playing CityVille: Hometown on my iPhone.

Holding anything weighing more than a few ounces in my left hand is out of the question. Changing diapers is impossible to do one handed.

Christopher has been a huge blessing. He’s cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, changing diapers… basically, he has become my left-hand! What I would do without him here, I do not know. I’ll find out in few weeks when he goes to Cross Country Team Camp.

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