365 Slacker Alert

I know. I shouldn’t apologize for not posting my photos more often. I know I shouldn’t put so much pressure on myself. I do not do well with a lot of pressure/stress.

Recently found and joined this great new site, Capture Your 365. It is the creation of Katrina Kennedy… and just what I need.

Today, an article by guest blogger Myra Cherchio totally spoke to my heart, my mind, and etc. WOW!

I love that I can capture an image with whatever I can get my hands on: point and shoot, iPhone, or my DSLR. It really doesn’t matter. The point is that I preserved a moment through my eyes. My story. My memory.

I need to eliminate the pressure of the perfect photograph/snapshot/portrait. Let go and just shoot. I’m preserving a moment in my family history. OUR history.

Sometimes I document our days by doing layouts that contain our whole month or week. Most of the time, I choose to focus on a single moment in my layouts. I do not dare attempt to scrap a page a day. I barely get a photo taken every day.

I do need to push myself to get my pictures off of my cameras, memory cards, and phone more often. I’ll work on it.

Don’t expect any huge changes in my blogging habits any time soon.

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Katrina Kennedy said...

I'm so glad you found CY365! It definitely doesn't have to be perfect. So much more fun without perfection!